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The Brook Reading Podcast

Jun 9, 2019

In this section, Ali and I talk about how we met, my rant on the 2017 film, and the watchman.  We also talk about racism, library anxiety, and our favorite scene.

This episode includes:  Derry: The First Interlude, and Part 2 of the novel, from Chapters 4 through 6.  



Brunch with the Halliwells

Epic Film...

Jun 1, 2019

Episode 58 of Brook Reading is a mini episode, highlighting some news, podcasts, and future plans!  I share my excitement about writing, my recent achievements, and my gripes about allergy season. Oh, and the rain makes a guest appearance.  


Part 2 of Stephen King’s epic novel, “IT”, will be up next week.  I’m...

May 23, 2019

This episode is the beginning of a very important set of episodes for Brook Reading, and for me personally.  My favorite book of all time - outside of genres, authors, eras, etc. - is Stephen King’s “IT”. King is one of the authors that brought my friends and I together, and “IT” specifically is one of...

May 12, 2019

Episode 56 of Brook Reading is a brief housekeeping and schedule update for the following weeks, including my last promo for Epic Film Guys’ Livestream for the Cure!  The event is coming up next weekend, May 17 - 19. Also, stay tuned for my birthday episode at the end of May, Part 1 of Stephen King’s Masterpiece,...

May 6, 2019

Brook Reading’s 55th episode this week is a flashback of “On Writing” by Stephen King, as I prepare to release my biggest episode yet.  Don’t forget to save your pennies and make a donation during Livestream for the Cure, the Epic Film Guys’ venture to eradicate cancer through research and development of a...