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The Brook Reading Podcast

Sep 23, 2018

Today, on Episode 27 of Brook Reading, I travel through the annals of American History and review the most influential U.S. Presidential speeches of all time.  (Also, this episode is "kid-friendly", so share it with your families, students, etc!)


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Presidential speeches can be found: - John F. Kennedy Inaugural - The Gettysburg Address - Bill Clinton Inaugural - Oklahoma City Bombing Speech - Barack Obama Inaugural - Barack Obama Speech at University of Illinois - Ronald Reagan Speech at Brandenburg Gate - Franklin D. Roosevelt Inaugural - Woodrow Wilson Inaugural - George W. Bush Post 9/11 Speech - Dwight D. Eisenhower Farewell Speech - Jimmy Carter “Crisis of Confidence” Speech



*Oops!  The “American President” speech is almost 4 minutes!

*Americorps started in 1993.  Definitely aligned with President Clinton’s “season of service”

*The Presidential Inauguration moved from March to January in 1937, where it has remained since.  


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