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The Brook Reading Podcast

Jul 22, 2018

Welcome to our special 20th episode of Brook Reading!  This week, I analyze the critically acclaimed young adult novel, “The Outsiders” along with my first special guest host, Heather!  We rave about the casting of the film, especially Johnny Cade, unravel the secrets of “squaring up”, and discuss the sociopolitical warfare between the socs and the greasers.  


Special shoutouts in tonight’s episode are awarded to:

*The girls at Ladysh!t with Lily and Britt (Thank you for your comments!) @ladyshit_pod

*Nick from the St. Paul Filmcast (Love your insight!) @STPaulFilmcast

*2 Girls on a Bench (for your snacking inspiration) @2girlsonabench

*Dial M for Movie Podcast (Thank you so much for your review!) @dialm4movie


Tonight’s promo break features:  Dial M for Movie Podcast


As discussed in the episode, the DVD version of “The Outsiders: The Complete Novel” can be found on  

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