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The Brook Reading Podcast

Feb 10, 2019

This weekend, Episode 45 is a “hoot and a half”, as my special guest often says!  Drew from the Reel Feels Podcast and I ruminate on so many different topics, from technology to religion to our calling to teach.  I also update my amazing Brook Reading listeners on some wonderful upcoming events, from the Epic Film Guys’ Livestream for the Cure to my episode for Women in Horror Month, “Carrie” by Stephen King (which will be out on February 24th!)   


Please do not forget to support my friend Drew at the following link: Reel Feels Recovery GoFundMe Link Our campaign will be coming to an end on Friday, February 15th, and the closer we can get to our goal, the better!  To all of you who have donated or shared thus far, thank you so much!


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