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The Brook Reading Podcast

Mar 3, 2019

“She felt—actually, physically—her whole miserable life narrow to a point that might be an end or the beginning” - Carrie, Stephen King


Episode 47 - PART 2 - is Brook Reading’s contribution to Women in Horror Month, and, quite possibly, the “lifeblood” of Brook Reading so far!  My friend and horror expert, Vic, from Pocket Change Productions, and I celebrate Stephen King’s first novel. We delve deep into multiple themes that we discovered in the novel, and had as much fun as we did talking about the movie.  Next week, in Part 3, to end our discussion on “Carrie”, I am joined by a special guest star!


Special shoutouts and thank you to the following people:  Jason, Sam, and Trish from Invasion of the Remake, all of the other podcasts involved in Women in Horror Month, Vic for being my extra special guest host, and my better half, Shera, for repairing my technical difficulties.  For more information on Women in Horror, you can follow the hashtag #WiHMx on Twitter or follow @AllTheHorror18.


If you’d like to follow Vic in all of her creative endeavors, you can find her at Pocket Change Productions on YouTube, or follow her on Twitter @Zera77.  You can also find the authors named in this episode: Kelli Owen, Rachel Deering, and Somer Canon, on Twitter at @kelli_owen, @racheladeering, and @somerM - if you’re looking for a new, exciting read, go check these authors out!


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