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The Brook Reading Podcast

Apr 28, 2019

Episode 54 features the novel, Up Country by Nelson DeMille.  Join me as I attempt to speak a lot of Vietnamese, drown out the sounds of my nasal misery, and revel in the well-crafted, character-driven war novel, Up Country by Nelson Demille.  Mr. DeMille’s biographical information is credited on:

Apr 22, 2019

Episode 53 is a mini housekeeping episode!  I have so many plans for future episodes of Brook Reading, and I want you all to be kept in the loop.  In this episode, you can hear the novels and episode topics from now until June. Dust off your library cards, break out your Audible gift cards, and get reading!  :)



Apr 14, 2019

Episode 52 is an ode to the women!  I am celebrating the feminist manifesto and first breakout ‘zine, BUST magazine.  Tonight, I reveal my love for Courtney Love (ahh, you see what I did there?), my appreciation for the 90s, and my message for the future. Thank you for taking this journey with me.


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