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The Brook Reading Podcast

Aug 26, 2018

Tonight, on Episode 23 of Brook Reading, I cover the first 350 pages of the over 700 page autobiography of Former President Ronald Reagan, "An American Life".  Topics covered include: ageism, communism, TKE-ism, and Reagan's affinity for prayer, horses, and diaries.  I also learn some stuff!  


The introductory quote...

Aug 13, 2018

On Episode 22 of Brook Reading, Stork from the Besotted Geek Podcast and I "psychoanalyze" Holden Caulfield and his "sad" journey during "The Catcher in the Rye".  Like Holden, we go off on tangents, we reflect on our lost innocence, and we wax poetic on "where the ducks go".  


Link to Salinger Videos on YouTube:

Aug 7, 2018

Tonight’s episode was long coming, yet so worth the wait. After I discuss Lillian Hellman’s biography, “An Unfinished Woman”, I open up the discussion to writing, philanthropy, podcasts, creativity, and gratitude. I am so grateful to be “back in the saddle” and I hope you find something in this episode that...